Dedicated Repair Service

What makes Dalgleish Gunsmiths stand out from our competitors is our dedicated repair service on all make and model of guns of any age or condition. Whether you are having problems with your spring mechanism or gun barrel, we will provide the best possible solution to restore your gun to its best working condition. All of our work takes place at the back of the shop on 11 Montgomery Street where Bobby Dalgleish first opened the gunsmiths in the 1950s. This area of the shop has certainly seen a lot of repairs over the years thus guaranteeing the service you receive will be one honed over time with skills passed down from gunsmith to gunsmith.

Our two highly-skilled, dedicated gunsmiths, Alex and Scott, have over 70 years combined experience between them ensuring you always receive the most knowledgeable and personable service available. We will look over your gun with a professional eye, assess its repair or service needs and provide a quotation so you know where you stand with cost. With our vast wealth of knowledge and experience we will be able to accurately tell you the scale of the repair whether it is a complete refurbishment or the repair of a single or few parts.



Some situations in which your gun might need work include misfiring or trigger problems where the spring is broken or there is non-engagement of the barrel. Whatever your issue, we will have a solution that meets your individual needs. In our workshop we have an extensive range of springs and firing pins if we ever need to replace your existing ones in the event of a full refurbishment. If this is not the case we will simply make repairs to the existing parts and return your gun in a greatly improved condition.

There are a number of important reasons why you should have your gun repaired. Undoubtedly the most important is the prevention of any accidents which may occur if there is a serious problem with the gun. Another issue is misfiring problems. This can impact your ability to effectively take part in shooting activities if your gun has become unreliable. The good news is that Dalgleish Gunsmiths will provide an expert repair service to ensure your gun functions to its full potential, removing the unwelcome prospect of a larger repair bill further down the line or even an accident occurring.




As an additional service we will take the gun to our shooting range to test the success of the repairs, witnessing first hand if any further modifications are required or if the gun is in good enough condition to be returned to you. We also take requests for custom guns made to your preference and liking. It may be for a gift or you may want something new and different to your existing equipment. Whatever the request we will strive to provide a full, comprehensive service to meet all of your shooting requirements at Dalgleish Gunsmiths.

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